Boite à Tartines


This is a story going back in 1982 when Pierre Vervloesem used to play with a band called Itza Uchen.
Jean-Pierre Jonckheere was the guitar player and since then never really stopped playing music and composing dozen of tracks at his own studio Zottecrolle.
In 2012 he finally selected 15 of them and asked different players to join him and add what was needed to finish them.
He gave the result to Pierre who added a little bit of everything everywhere and did the mixing and the mastering.
Pierre is happy now to release it on his P.V.Presents Series.
Digital and physical release on the 5th of August 2013.

Pierre Vervloesem: a little bit of everything everywhere
Valentine Garand, Isabelle Bats & Mariam Ben Ajiba: additional vocals and lyrics
Albert Marcoeur: loop
Morgan Ägren: additional drums
Serge Michiels: additional guitar

Off – Record label – OPV007