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Into my Brain

OPV010 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Into My Brain The return of one of the most absurdes Belgian duo for a second and terrific album! Formed by Jean-Pierre Jonckheere and maestro Pierre Vervloesem ( X-Legged Sally, Flat Earth Society). They played together back in 1982 in Itza Uchen and reunited […]


Following the release of their fantastic album ‘Boîtes à Tartines’ in 2013, Les Boucles Absurdes is back with a digital release Ep. Jean-Pierre Jonckheere, master of the band, asked four renowned Belgian musicians to take a track or parts of it that was on the album and gave them total […]

Boite à Tartines

This is a story going back in 1982 when Pierre Vervloesem used to play with a band called Itza Uchen. Jean-Pierre Jonckheere was the guitar player and since then never really stopped playing music and composing dozen of tracks at his own studio Zottecrolle. In 2012 he finally selected 15 […]

Ray Pinson

ODG007 – OPV007 : Ray Pinson / On dirait du singe In the beginning of 2012, Jean-Pierre Jonckheere ( from Les Boucles absurdes cult band ) discovered a young and outrageously talented 17 years old guy by the name of Ray Pinson. This avant garde pop guitar player was giving […]

Pierre Vervloesem – Chef d’oeuvre

Pierre Vervloesem – Chef d’oeuvre Recorded in 1999 Musicians PV: guitar, bass, phono, percussions, Atari guitar, deck, voice, piano, rythm box Manu Ribot: Bathroom, hit some strings, air tom, tôle Didier Fontaine: Drums Mickey Mouser: non human noises, drums Vincent Juste: compliment Philippe Tasquin: vocals / Keyboards Peter Vermeersh: nothing […]

Fancy a Quickie 2

the (IR)Responsible Artists – Fancy a Quickie 2 – 2007 The (IR)Responsible artists Collective is prout to present a second compilation of fun size music delights, all composed to last roughly a minute in length. Track 36: Les Boucles absurdes – Podferdeke quelle drache !

In The Ginza

In The Ginza Recorded at Sonoland, Madrid, in April 1985 Musicians : Claude Janssens : Trombone, Saxophone, Synthesizer, Vocals Baudouin Lienart : Guitar, Synthesizer Guests : Jane Saul : Lead vocals Jean-Pierre Jonckheere : Guitar Synthesizer Marc Van Eyck : DMX Programming, Percussions Pierre Vervloesem : Bass Guitar Mixed by […]


SIAN – Anatomy Thierry Mondelaers Renaut Jansson featuring Jean-Pierre Jonckheere : noise percussions etc ….

Itza Uchen

ITZA UCHEN – (they’ll) Mix You UP Recorded at Bis Studio, Charleroi, in 1982 Pierre Vervloesem : Bass Jean-Pierre Jonckheere : Guitar, Bass Danny Trossat : Guitars, noises Anne Fontigny : Keyboards Richard Cordier : Vocals Lizzy : Drums