Ragazzi – Boite à Tartines (UK)

1982 Pierre Vervloesem played in a band called Itza Uchen . Jean -Pierre Jonckheere was the guitarist . Itza Uchen is no longer existing a long time but JP Jonckheere composed over the years in his own studio Zottecrolle countless songs. In 2012, he selected 15 pieces , and asked different people to play the tracks together.
Pierre Vervloesem got the result , he made a little bit of everything here and there and mastered the tracks and presents the finished album now in his PV Presents series on the off label.
The CD contains 14 tracks, running about 78:49 minutes and is a easy and tuff walk thru the different genres of the music freak scenes and  shows that surprising entertaining can also last for a longer time.

JP Jonckheere has done most of the work , and in addition to PV , who as I said, here and there made his contribution and fine tuned the songs, there were singers (mostly onomatopoeic ) , with Serge Michiels , another guitarist , with Albert Marcœur ( , additional loops ‘ ) and Morgan Ågren ( , additional drums ‘) involved. Two for there quality well-known and requested guest musicians to let this crazy wheel succeed in all facets as it is heard in the final result here .
Grippy melodies , lush grooving loops , crazy harmony skew , sympathetic style breaks, Avant rock here and Dancefloor there. There is so much to discover which it is a long rich surprise to hear . Pierre Vervloesem proves once again as a counter-cyclical musician who does not do what is just in vogue in the Avant- scene , but what suits him – and JP Jonckheere provides him .
Personally, I find the (also sound-wise ) brilliant bass part in the second track  » Dartagnan  » for the very best of what the album offers . The vital grooving Avantpop has self-confidence casual and teases with instrumental and harmonic changes – hardly ordinary! Anyway : Sound – FAT !
Sometimes talking women’s voices in the canon rhythmic texts , expecting mega heavy rap, the Electronics shimmer in the tonal space and the three minutes of  » Crac !  » decrease ambient then. In  » perversion  » meet jazz-rock guitar, Electronics and abstract avant-garde, the large number of licks, electronic and acoustic sounds is (once again = PV ) crazy , fun and crazy entertaining. Over the songs the dancefloor part is increasing, on , normal ‘ dance floor probably brought the confusion whether his extravagance and skew , yet catchy and easy to understand – for practiced Avant handset. A fat 4/4-Beat there is fortunately not existing, the rhythmic catchiness feeds on simplicity and complexity at the same time , without pandering or over- ride the listeners ears.
Here and there hard Avant rock takes  over, then Kraftwerk influences are clear ( as Albert Marcœur and Residents intuition that Electronic freaks are likely to have their surprised delight. In the style of mixing noise , when suddenly everything goes and all rules seem to matter constitutes Chose for seconds , leaving the electric guitar real old rock and roll play to provide the up- to – head points to the head Never the extra ordinary madness songs are particularly aggressive , more highly oblique or – . intrinsically – and ingenious and gorgeous against any thinking.
In the penultimate « Ballade pour un expat  » crimson esker Vervloesem / Ågren avant- rock meets spherical groovy dance pop – a good piece of music before the terrible end :  » Date de Péremption  » in which JP Jonckheere and PV over evil , everyday Dancefloor make fun . This caustic , painful strenuous comment to the usual girlie dance floor is a truly horrible piece of stupid Batty sound disease , admirably painful and vicious , as voices are sampled , canonized and mixed with itself, to prove the a- mental total failure of this music . Hate it is justified. The world is good ? Not in everyday sound trash.
A subsequent redemption does not exist, we listeners will be sent with this piece into the desert , it just helps to hear one of the previous pieces again like « Jazz de Schiste  » or  » No Place to Learn » , which offer themselves  abstract cultural goods . Gog damm !
And despite the biting commentary on the everyday songs : this album is great , no pop , no main stream, but crazy music art on abstract , truly avant-garde level!