United Mutations – un nouveau pied pour Noël


Last week, I received a small wooden box. The box had « Les Boucles Absurdes » written on top of it and it presented a USB stick. Never afraid to put a memory stick in my pc, I plugged it in to find « Un Nouveau Pied Pour Noël », the brand-new album by Les Boucles Absurdes.

Les Boucles Absurdes is Jean-Pierre Jonckheere and Pierre Vervloesem.
« Un Nouveau Pied Pour Noël » (A New Foot For Christmas) is their fourth release and it’s superb.

The album presents six tracks. Every track is some sort of loop. (Les Boucles Absurdes = Crazy Loops).
Floating guitar tones, extraterrestrial voices, sampled synthesizer tones, the crackling of a vinyl album, contemporary classical percussive sounds and sirens, pulsing bass lines, a Gregorian choir, …
« Un Nouveau Pied Pour Noël » will take you on an amazing journey.

I love it. I’m hearing new things all the time.

I don’t have a clue on how they made it. Would love to know if they would be able to produce this live.