Un nouveau pied pour Noël

OVD018 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Un nouveau pied pour Noël (feat. Pierre Vervloesem) After the fabulous OPV007, OPV010 and OVD003, this is another gift from Les Boucles Absurdes! Broken Leg features Seesayle on vocals. The rest of the album is again absurd loops put together by J-P Jonckheere and magistrally mixed by […]

Into my Brain

OPV010 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Into My Brain The return of one of the most absurdes Belgian duo for a second and terrific album! Formed by Jean-Pierre Jonckheere and maestro Pierre Vervloesem ( X-Legged Sally, Flat Earth Society). They played together back in 1982 in Itza Uchen and reunited […]


Following the release of their fantastic album ‘Boîtes à Tartines’ in 2013, Les Boucles Absurdes is back with a digital release Ep. Jean-Pierre Jonckheere, master of the band, asked four renowned Belgian musicians to take a track or parts of it that was on the album and gave them total […]

Boite à Tartines

This is a story going back in 1982 when Pierre Vervloesem used to play with a band called Itza Uchen. Jean-Pierre Jonckheere was the guitar player and since then never really stopped playing music and composing dozen of tracks at his own studio Zottecrolle. In 2012 he finally selected 15 […]

Ray Pinson

ODG007 – OPV007 : Ray Pinson / On dirait du singe In the beginning of 2012, Jean-Pierre Jonckheere ( from Les Boucles absurdes cult band ) discovered a young and outrageously talented 17 years old guy by the name of Ray Pinson. This avant garde pop guitar player was giving […]

Pierre Vervloesem – Chef d’oeuvre

Pierre Vervloesem – Chef d’oeuvre Recorded in 1999 Musicians PV: guitar, bass, phono, percussions, Atari guitar, deck, voice, piano, rythm box Manu Ribot: Bathroom, hit some strings, air tom, tôle Didier Fontaine: Drums Mickey Mouser: non human noises, drums Vincent Juste: compliment Philippe Tasquin: vocals / Keyboards Peter Vermeersh: nothing […]

Fancy a Quickie 2

the (IR)Responsible Artists – Fancy a Quickie 2 – 2007 The (IR)Responsible artists Collective is prout to present a second compilation of fun size music delights, all composed to last roughly a minute in length. Track 36: Les Boucles absurdes – Podferdeke quelle drache !

In The Ginza

In The Ginza Recorded at Sonoland, Madrid, in April 1985 Musicians : Claude Janssens : Trombone, Saxophone, Synthesizer, Vocals Baudouin Lienart : Guitar, Synthesizer Guests : Jane Saul : Lead vocals Jean-Pierre Jonckheere : Guitar Synthesizer Marc Van Eyck : DMX Programming, Percussions Pierre Vervloesem : Bass Guitar Mixed by […]


SIAN – Anatomy Thierry Mondelaers Renaut Jansson featuring Jean-Pierre Jonckheere : noise percussions etc ….

Itza Uchen

ITZA UCHEN – (they’ll) Mix You UP Recorded at Bis Studio, Charleroi, in 1982 Pierre Vervloesem : Bass Jean-Pierre Jonckheere : Guitar, Bass Danny Trossat : Guitars, noises Anne Fontigny : Keyboards Richard Cordier : Vocals Lizzy : Drums