United Mutations – un nouveau pied pour Noël…/les-boucles-absurdes… Last week, I received a small wooden box. The box had « Les Boucles Absurdes » written on top of it and it presented a USB stick. Never afraid to put a memory stick in my pc, I plugged it in to find « Un Nouveau Pied Pour Noël », the brand-new album […]

Ragazzi – Into my Brain

« Pierre Vervloesem presents: a series of good music, whatever that means! Several band projects have been published under this label at Off Records. According to the motto of the Belgian musician Pierre Vervloesem no album does sound like the other. This goal again has been reached and reached is the […]

Ragazzi – Boite à Tartines (UK)

1982 Pierre Vervloesem played in a band called Itza Uchen . Jean -Pierre Jonckheere was the guitarist . Itza Uchen is no longer existing a long time but JP Jonckheere composed over the years in his own studio Zottecrolle countless songs. In 2012, he selected 15 pieces , and asked […]